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Stories from Alcoholics

"If, when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit entirely, or if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take, you are probably alcoholic."
Alcoholics Anonymous, page 44

In the audio stories below you will find many who were just like you . We hope their words help you to not only better understand the disease of alcoholism but also help you know that you are not alone.  There is help and there is hope...
you only need to reach out.


Local Single Speakers

Single Speakers telling their stories in AA...

Local Step Speakers

AA's telling how they worked the steps...

AA Graduates

Stories from friends who are no longer with us.
We miss their wisdom and their words.

Local Special Event Recordings

AA Gathering Recordings from District 5 Events

Bill W. 
His Story

Founder Bill W. shares his story & AA history from Atlanta in 1950.

You do not need to download the Audible app. It's just an advertisement.

Dr. Bob's 
Last Major Talk

Dr. Bob's Last Major Talk in December 1948 in Detroit, MI
Dr. Bob tells his story & AA's beginnings.

Father Martin
Chalk Talk

A deceptively simple explanation of alcoholism that will give you a much stronger idea of why alcoholics drink and how they get better.

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book Audio

This will link you to where you can find the Big Book. You do not need to download the Audible app. It's just an advertisement.

Mountain Ridge

Local Alcoholics

Telling Their Story...

Rick W. 

He got one more chance but knows he might not get another...

Rebecca M.

She learned how to manipulate people at a very young age but she couldn't keep up the façade anymore...

Kay Sue

She didn't have her old life, she didn't have a new life, so she made AA her life...

Chris S.

He's got pockets full of hope that he wants to give away...

Chris R.

He always learned the hard way...then God intervened... 

Mindy L.

She set prayer as a part of her life and she put in a little more action in AA because she wanted more out of life...

Joe C.

He finally admitted that he couldn't do it & that it didn't work his way.  Then he tried the AA way...

Angie C.

She didn't know how to treat her alcoholism but her sponsor showed her how to take the steps...

Don R.

It's been a wild ride but this biker is sober today because of AA...

John S.

For an alcoholic of his type there is a line that he knows now he can't cross...

Ash J.

Even the military couldn't keep him away from alcohol...

Dennis O.

He said that was it & stopped drinking.  That was when things got really bad until he found AA...

Loren E.

At 30 years, he knows that he is the problem & AA is the solution...

Jase N.

At 16 months sober he became proud of himself and the ability to walk into AA...

Mark L.

He had to make a decision; either quit drinking or learn how to fight better...

Lori D.

She didn't really want to quit drinking.  She just didn't want to die...

Kylie S.

No one knew that she was just a scared little girl inside until she found her family in AA...

Skylar B.

He lived in a different reality before he found AA...

Tina L.

She used the bad things in her life as an excuse to drink...

Tara S.

She was scared but God provided...

Karie B.

She found out that life was really, really good when she stopped spending all her time thinking about herself...

Tori H.

She learned that AA could love her until she could lover herself...

Todd W.

He had success but then it all went away. Then he found AA and then he found real success in helping others...

Trish M.

Locked up, she found the steps of AA and began a road to recovery...


Les S.

He was a liquor store paper hanger who wasted a lot of time trying to figure out "why" before he came to understand it didn't matter...

Shirley C.

She found her home in AA...

Kendall B.

He had a long road to recovery and then he finally listened...

Kenny G.

He is grateful to know that he is an alcoholic because for the longest time, he didn't know what was wrong...

Dana B.

There's nothing that says Christmas like drinking Vodka from a plastic bottle & hiding it from your family...

Charles L.

He needed to actually work the program to find Gratitude...

Stuart G.

He didn't know how to live without drinking and thought he would die but AA taught him he didn't have to...

Merle W.

45 years of service has kept him sober today...

Doyal R.

When the lights came on behind him, he did the first three steps...

Bill D.

He heard that if he worked half as hard to stay sober that he did to drink, he would stay sober...

Liz B.

She never had an "off button" when it came to drinking...

Charlie R.

His ego made him think that he had arrived...

Sam S. 

If he sat in self-pity, he know he was just another drink away from a drunk...

AA Graduates

Stories from friends who are no longer with us.

We miss their wisdom and their words.

Russel C.

It's all in God's hands...

Phil B. 

It's been quite a journey...

Jerry S.

He knew he couldn't be an alcoholic...

Step Speakers


The below audio files were taken from a series of local 

events where each speaker was given the topic of an

Alcoholics Anonymous step. 

This forum was based upon the "Saturday Morning Live" 

step series by the late Sandy B. 

Step 1 Speakers

Charles L.

Cindy S.

Jeff P.

Greg V.

Step 2 Speakers

Eddy A.

Harvey B.

John C.

Tara M.

Step 3 Speakers

Anda A.

Jay B.

Merle W.

Dana B.

Step 4 Speakers

Angie C.

John B.

Kendall B.

Dan A.

Step 5 Speakers

Cheri H.

Curt N.

Dee Y.

Kay Sue N.

Step 6 Speakers

Chris R.

Cindy D.

Jan C.

Mike D.

Step 7 Speakers

Laura S.

Patty H.

Tammy B.

Russel C.

Step 8 Speakers

Jerry L.

Dawn D.

Steve F.

Mike A.

Step 9 Speakers

David P.

John D.

Karie B.

Loren E.

Step 10 Speakers

Eric E.

JR. R.

Nathan N.

Sheldon R.

Step 11 Speakers

Dennis G.

Dennis H.

Ron H.

Step 12 Speakers

Joe C.

Josh R.

Liz B.

Terry C.

Special Event Recordings

Darin H. - Area 25 2022 Delegate Report

Speaking at Salina 8th St Group on September 29th, 2022

2022 Group 1 Round Table Old-timers History Discussion

Merle W. - Mark & Tina. -  Steve F.
Charles L. - Greg V. - Bill L.

Martin B. & Dawn D.

Service Add Hoc 2021

Cindy D.

Service Add Hoc 2021

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