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The Solomon Group officially registered with the General Service Office in June of 1978.
Though we are certain A. A. in Solomon existed long before its registration. Early meetings were held on the second floor of the Red Diamond bar, in downtown Solomon. During the Winter, the meeting space would be so cold that a very loud forced air heater would be used to regulate the temperature and discussion would have to be suspended until the room
temperature rose and the heater could be shut off. Relatively certain Summer meetings probably were held in an outdoor venue.

Most early members had come to this meeting via St. John’s treatment center in Salina. Other’s found their way to Solomon due to a lack of Sunday night meetings. One of the Riordan boys, Marvin Divelbiss, Ralph, George Zumerly, Ernie, Joe C. (Abilene) and Clarence Thompson were the members that would be found at the earlier meetings.

By the early to mid-80’s the group found a home at The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on the West edge of town and to this day still meets in the parish center at 8 P.M. Just a sidenote that the Parish bulletin has us listed in their bulletin of activities. The church is very happy to provide for our meetings and side-endeavors (such as opening the Parish hall for Sponsor – Sponcee meetings, business meetings and such). This move provided opportunity to host Round Robins and other miscellaneous events, as the Group began it’s growth.

By the late 80’s and early to mid-90’s it was not unusual to have an attendance of 20 to 30 alcoholics. It is unknown for certain, but the Group has traditionally always hosted Open Meetings. The Group is well known for its openness, quiet involvement in service, supporting each other and making ourselves welcoming to those that suffer from this grave condition. Much levity can be found as we see regular attendance from Manhattan, Junction City, Longford, Abilene, Salina, Niles, rural-dwellers and our host town of Solomon. Arriving early
and staying late seems to be standard operating practice for the Group. Laughter can be found here as the Big Book states “we are not a glum lot”.

Our Group has had it’s share of ups and downs. One of the “ups” would be the involvement of our members in the September 1992 State Conference. Robert D. served as Conference Chair AND continues to tell the story of how he was roped into that spotlight. He still speaks of it in disdain but when he speaks of it you can plainly hear the love and humility that it gave him, having 2½ years of sobriety at the time. A strong supporting network of loving alcoholics can
make that kind of responsibility possible. YET, as Harvey B., a long-time member of the Solomon Group would have to say, “This is the only place where the lunatics run the asylum.”

An observant cross-section of our Group:

  • Middle-aged people with long-term sobriety, male and female

  • Middle-aged people with newly-found sobriety, again male and female

  • Young-adults with a fresh start in recovery

  • Young adults with YEARS of continuous sobriety

  • Older adults with young sobriety

  • Military, former military, state workers, health-field workers, retirees, unemployed members, blue-collar and

  • professionals

  • Those with families, those trying to be with their families, singles, divorcees

The Group seems to be healthy and balanced with the attendance ranging a very wide spectrum.

At this writing you will find 8 to 20 attendees, with a core of 6 regular attendees. Sometimes more people attend and sometimes less. Father John, the Priest for this church and Gypsum’s Catholic church, is a regular attendee though not an alcoholic. Father John has been a part of initiating A.A. in northern- central Kansas. Towns like Greenleaf, Linn, Washington, Lebanon, Mankato, Smith Center. His brother-in-law is a member of the fellowship. Though he is from Minnesota, he and his wife make it a point to be at the meeting when passing through or visiting Father John. Father John’s sister is a member of Alanon and brings a light to the room when she is there. Father John also knows the value of our Steps and is an excellent resource for 5 th Step work.

Earlier, having mentioned ups and downs, a recent down found 2 of our old-timers arguing about the Group’s finances and money. The Group decided to close the meeting, thereby ending its availability to the community. Another old-timer was arriving at the meeting late, as the doors were being locked, the group returned inside, sat and figured out how it could still exist as a Meeting and not worry about it having a Group status. We are glad to say that
has been 6-8 years ago and have recently re-established ourselves as a Group. We, as a Group, participate in District functions and also make trips to Junction City, Manhattan and Minneapolis regularly to support other Groups. In the spirit of our camaraderie, we show up to support one another when we have a speaking engagement at another Group. If you find one of us at a non-Solomon meeting, you can guarantee another member of the Group is in the room.


Another very recent down moment: The bank bag, holding the receipts and Group’s checkbook, suddenly disappeared. Of course, we settled all things with the help of the bank. Funds from the 7th Tradition had been recently deposited. The only cash in the envelope was $62.00 in reserve for the GSR’s expenses. 2 weeks later, the postman found the envelope in the driveway of one of the old-timer’s home. The only thing missing was the $62.00 cash. We figured someone stole the bag and having discovered whom it belonged to, returned the bank bag to where they may have “found” it.

The Solomon Group of Alcoholics Anonymous invite you to share the first Sunday evening of the month with us. That is the night we recognize and celebrate continuous periods of sobriety. It is an inspiring night. (and usually there is ice cream cake AND cheese cake after the meeting) Not to forget, we always have top-shelf cookies and coffee available at every meeting. The Group is also in the planning stages of a June celebration of our 45th anniversary of being a
registered Group. Please look forward to seeing the flyer and make plans to be with us.
Regardless, we ask that you make plans to be with us any Sunday night at 8 P.M. We always have a meeting regardless of Holidays or who may be playing football. Wednesday mornings at 8 is a relatively new adventure for a meeting. It is well attended and we are certain you will find or make a friend of our Groups.

Home Group member Stewart G. passed away April of 2024

May your Maker keep you safe until we meet.

Last updated April 14, 2024

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Weekly Meeting Schedule
Church Parish Hall (next to church)

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Group #1 GSR: Mindy D.

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