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Salina Group #3


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Group #3 had its genesis in the summer of 1991.

The group of Alcoholic Anonymous began in the summer, meeting in the Central Kansas Foundation (CKF) building at 1805 South Ohio in Salina.  They called themselves the "Ohio Street Group".  The meeting began as a "non-smoking" alternative to Salina Group #1. They also thought it would be advantageous to the newcomer who was already familiar with the CKF address.  Some of the original home group members were:

  • Moe B.

  • Royce T.

  • Mark L. 

The Ohio street Group placed great emphasis on the importance of the power and fellowship found in a home group and the importance of participation in your home group. 

In 1994, the Ohio Street Group moved to 1600 Rush Street in Salina; the United Methodist Church of the Cross.  They changed their name within a short time to Salina group #2 to remove confusion and to honor their roots with Salina Group #1.  Some of the additional home group members at this time were:

  • George H.

  • Kerry B.   

The following year, in 1995, Group #2 began having an annual fall picnic. 

In 2008, due to differences in opinion on the meeting format, the group split and Salina Group #3 began, taking the Group 3 name from an earlier Salina Group 3 that had gone dark years before. They continued to meet at the Rush Street address until 2009.  The group then moved and began meeting at the United Methodist Church located at 1509 S. Santa Fe.  The short elevator ride to the 2nd floor was a novelty and the group soon gained the moniker, "The Elevator Group". Their meeting room would hardly accommodate the twice weekly meetings every Monday and Wednesday nights at 8pm.  At some point the decision was made to change the meeting time to 7pm.  Some of the additional members at this time were:

  • Tina L.

  • Kerry N.

  • Bill L.

  • Marleen W.

In the Spring of 2021, during Covid, the group was forced to stop holding meetings at the church's request.  The absence of meetings continued for some time until finally the group, not seeing a path forward with the United Methodist Church, again began meeting at the previous group location at the United Methodist Church of the Cross.  Additional home group members at this time were:

  • Cindy W.

  • Jerry G,

  • Keith K,. 

The group continues today with the Monday, Wednesday 7pm schedule. Attendance ranges from 5-10 at most meetings.

Homegroup Member

Tina L.

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Homegroup Member


Homegroup Member

Mark L.

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Weekly Meeting Schedule
Please use Southeast Entrance

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Group #3 Contact: Tina L. 785-825-4167

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