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The Full Story

New Beginnings Group was started in 1982 with Gary Adams having a strong desire to follow  the AA Traditions and Principles. With a Big Book in hand, he approached a gentleman named Lefty E. who was the Director of the Assessment Center at Saint Johns Treatment Center.  The basement of the Assessment Center was available and a meeting began with the Traditions and the Principles very much in evidence. 

$1.00 in rent was agreed upon with understanding that the new Group would clean the silt and cobwebs out of the basement.  Gary enlisted the help of his wife, Joan, and several others in getting that accomplished. Among them were:

  • Charlie L.

  • Alice M.

  • Roxanne V.

Many others joined in with sheetrock, furniture, & Etc... The first coffee pot was donated by Carrol Dutton. ​

At first there were only Noon meetings on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  Soon Tuesday & Thursday noon meetings were added.  As the Group grew, evening meetings were added. Eventually the Group met seven days a week. 

After a couple of years, the Group moved to a garage located at 205 West South Street.  Midnight meetings were added 7 nights a week. It wasn't uncommon to have such crowds that people sat on the floor. The Group eventually outgrew the garage and a larger building, located a 143 South 4th, served as the Groups home.  When the rent became unaffordable the Group then moved again.  This time to a small house at 230 South 3rd.  Several years of the same intimate environment, that makes New Beginnings special,  were enjoyed there.  

New Beginnings  is now located in its permanent location of 321 North Santa Fe. There are curranty 22 meetings a week held at this location. 

Homegroup Member

Kylie S.

Homegroup Member

Barb S. 

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Dave S. 

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Lori D.

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