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The Breakfast Club


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The Full Story

The Breakfast Club was founded on June 20th of 2021 without a name by some friends who thought a meeting was a great way to start their day. Some of the founding members were:

  • Dale N.

  • Tara R.

  • Chris S.

  • Dan A.

The group initially had a meeting on weekdays which started at 7am.  It was decided at the beginning that the meeting would be 45 minutes long; ending with enough time to get to work. A couple of the founders took turns and ensured that the doors were always open by 6:30 for all who wanted to attend the Open meeting. The meeting was a great success with 5-8 attendees on average for the first 6 months.  In October of that same year, the regular attendees settled on the name The name was chosen from submissions over a weeks time where each member was given one submission. Each day the top 4, then 3, then 2 were chosen and voted on until The Breakfast Club became the name.

The group really began to grow in the fall of 2021 with the introduction of Flapjack Friday's.  The group voted to cook pancakes for all who wanted them for a value donation.  The Flapjack fund now supplies sobriety coins and A.A. literature for all who wish to have them at no cost to the individual.  The gifting of the coins and literature is one of our proudest achievements to date. The Breakfast Club recognizes sober anniversaries at every meeting and does not hold an official A.A. "birthday" meeting.  We feel it is more important to recognize those landmark dates each day and to give out hope as often as they can. With each time a coin is given out, the group only requests that the recipient tell how they managed to stay sober for that amount of time.  Many inspiring stories have been told in this way.  

In January of 2022, it was decided by the group to expand their schedule to a few evening meetings. Some of the founders noticed that another group in the hall had 7pm meetings 4 nights a week.  Many of these meetings were struggling due to the irregular schedule.  The Breakfast Club took on the responsibility of an additional 7pm meeting on Monday's, Tuesday's, & Friday's.  With the addition of these meetings, the clubhouse now had a 7pm meeting 7 days a week.  Each of these evening meetings were an hour long and had a theme. Monday's it was decided would be "A.A. Card Study" night.  The Card Study was a series of excerpts from A.A. literature, about a paragraph long, followed by a series of questions much like a sponsor would ask.  The Card Study meetings can be very thought provoking.  On Tuesday's, the group holds a 12x12 "discussion" meeting. It was thought that many book studies seem to rush through the literature only to repeat the same readings month after month.  The "discussion" format slows down the reading of the literature.  As one member says, "If we are going to read it, we might as well ask questions and understand it!"  It typically takes around a year (52 meetings) to make it through the 12x12.  Finally, Friday's were reserved for a New-Comer's meeting focusing on the first 3 steps.  Many times the book Living Sober is used but more times than usual, the meeting focuses on a topic that a new person in recovery is struggling with.

In February of 2023, the Group made the decision to further expand the early morning meeting with the addition of an 8:00am meeting on Sunday mornings. At the first Sunday meeting it was decided the Group would read a single entry, beginning with the first entry, of the book As Bill Sees It.  The room was full of laughter when it was realized that reading a page each Sunday would take around 6 1/2 years to complete the book. 

To date the Breakfast Club's meeting records are:

  • 21 Single Meeting Attendance

  • 81 Weekly Attendance 

  • 379 Monthly Attendance Record set in August of 2023.  

Come join us for a cup of coffee, sobriety, and the occasional donut is the group's motto. 

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Homegroup Member

Skylar B.

Homegroup Member

Dan A.

Homegroup Member

Tara R. 

Weekly Meeting Schedule

Contact Salina The Breakfast Club

Get in touch so we can help...

Group #1 GSR: Jessica R.  - 785-643-2433

Other Members:

Dan A. - 785-822-5775

Dale N. - 720-243-8227

This email is not monitored daily, so messages might not be read for several days.

For immediate assistance, please call the A.A. Hotline below. 

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