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The Sponsorship Group


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The Full Story

The sponsorship group began as a small group within a sponsorship line that were meeting weekly in their homes as a way to connect and form friendships on a more personal level during COVID. As their sponsorship line grew, it was no longer feasible to continue meeting within their homes, so they began meeting at the Alano Club.  At this time, it was decided to open the group to all women, not just those in the sponsorship line.  After a few months, it was decided to become and official AA group to raise awareness that this meeting was available.


In April of 2023 the Sponsorship Group officially became and AA group. As a small, intimate group, we help women build relationships with other women in the program while encouraging service work through sponsorship.  Our meetings are an open discussion, book study style meeting that allows individuals the ability to share their experience, strength, and hope as we work through the steps and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

One member of this group adds, “This is not a glum lot. We are fun yet protect the dignity of each woman that walks in the door.  I came to be here a few months, perhaps a year only, and I am drawn to this women’s group regardless of who shows. We are so supportive of all our sisters”.

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Homegroup Member

Karie B.


Tori H.

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Weekly Meeting Schedule

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The Sponsorship Group GSR: Kelly F.  - 785-819-5067

Other group contacts:

  • Karie B. - 785-342-1844

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